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Lead ore crusher

Lead ore information

(1)Hardness: 5

(2)The natural pure lead is rare. Today, the lead mainly smelt and extract together with zinc, silver and copper and other metals. The most important lead ore is the galena PbS, whose the lead content reaches 86.6%. Other common lead-containing minerals are PbCO3 and PbSO4. And the world's largest lead producing country is China, the United States, Australia, Russia and Canada. Today, more than half of the lead is from recycled.

Lead ore crusher

Lead ore crusher is an important mining gear in lead ore mining and lead crushing industry. Most lead ores contain is much less than 10% lead, and ores containing as small as 3% lead may be economically. Ores are crushed and concentrated by froth flotation ordinarily to 70% or more. When lead is exploited to the floor, it should certainly be crushed or grinded for its additional application. Lead ore crusher will act as the primary crushing gear in lead ore crushing plant.

Lead ore mining crusher

DASWELL is really a skilled lead ore crusher maker in lead mining market. We can provide numerous lead ore crushers including lead jaw crusher, lead impact crusher, lead cone crusher and so on. Metallic lead that results within the roasting and blast furnace processes still contains considerable contaminants of arsenic, antimony, bismuth, zinc, copper, silver and gold. Lead ore crushers are extensively in this kind of ore crushing industry. Since the establishment, DASWELL has grown to the greatest crusher and screening gear seller in China.

Lead Ore Crusher supplier

DASWELL machinery is a global supplier of service and technology for mining, crushing and beneficiation equipment. Based on long professional experience in mining industry, we could provide complete sets of lead ore crusher for different crushing stages, and all of the machines are well received in the world market. We focus on sustainable development and improvement on long term and aim for providing high advanced equipment and create more wealth for customers.


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