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Reciprocating feeder

Application of reciprocating feeder:

K-type reciprocating feeder is used for feeding coal or other abrasive, viscous small loose granular materials, storage bin or material pit continuous uniform material unloading fell on the transport equipment or other screening devices.

Reciprocating feeder working principle and structure:

K-type reciprocating coal feeder rack, back plane (chute), transmission platform, funnel,gates, roller and other composition. When the motor is activated by a flexible coupling, reducer, crank linkage drag the dump material 5 floor in a straight line on the roller reciprocating motion, the coal evenly unloaded to other devices.

The machine can be equipped as needed with the funnel, without the funnel in two forms. Coal feeder has two structural forms:

  • 1. Take regulation gate.
  • 2. It does not need adjustable gate, and its back plane has the feeding ability.

Reciprocating feeder (machine) main features:

  • 1. It is reliable and easy to maintain. Besides, it has long service life, light weight and small size.
  • 2. With simple structure and reliable operation, it is easy to adjust and install; The closed frame structure can greatly improve its chassis stiffness.
  • 3. It can load the finite rectangular fluid coupling and can full load starting. It has overload protection
  • 4. Its maximum feeding capacity can up to 1200t/h (coal), which is currently the largest reciprocating feeder.
  • 5. It adopts the advanced plane secondary enveloping toroidal mule rod reducer design, so it has high transmission efficiency and carrying capacity.
  • 6. Side of the liner, the oblique liner and floor left seam adjustable, can more accurately control the left seam size, greatly reduce the leakage of material.
  • 7. The drives are arranged symmetrically, which can eliminate the phenomenon of back and forth vibration of the bottom plate.

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