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BGBW series Fixed Cement Packing Machine

BGBW series of fixed cement packer with filling impeller, which is researched and developed by our company, is a new product in order to meet the market trend. It adopts traditional filling impeller with the characters of high speed of throwing, continuous, stable, high production efficiency and so on. It is deeply welcomed by cement factories. BGBW series fixed impeller feeding cement packing machines have such features as high efficiency and energy saving, measuring accuracy, stable performance, good sealing, easy operation, convenient maintenance, etc .It is lineal equipment for cement packing.

Features of BGBW fixed cement packer machine:

(1) Accurate weighing, stable performance and simple operation.

(2) Good sealing and durability.

(3) Small size, light weight, easy adjustment and convenient maintenance.

(4) Mechanical and computerized integrated, energy saving. It could be able to clamp and loosen the bag, and fall bag automatically without any pneumatic components

(5) Wide-spread usability: This series of machine is not only apply to cement packing, but also other powdered material or floatable granular.

 BGBW Fixed Cement Packing Machine parts     BGBW series Fixed Cement Packing Machine parts

New technologies used in BGBW series Fixed Cement Packing Machine:

(1) It has two kinds of weighing system: mechanical and computerized.

Mechanical weighing system is novel and accurate; the other one has a satisfactory function. The two systems can be used in turns or be chosen by user's requirement, so the veracity and reliability of weighing could be assured. Computerized weighing system has complete function; it is inimitable in the world.

(2) Sealing: there are 4 layers of sealing between main shaft and cement outlet device: labyrinthine sealing, Polytetrafluoroethylene sealing strip, rotary block and rubber framework ring. It is sure there is no leakage in this location, and the main shaft is long life.

(3) Control system: it is an interlocked device by lever formwork and is composed of operating handle, lever of shutter, spring and electromagnets. Its features are working smoothly, durability and long life.

(4) Filling device with automatic fall-off function: this device adopts 4 springs as the supporter; the bag will be dropped following the weight increasing, and fall off as soon as the weight reach to the enactment.

BGBW series Fixed Cement Packing Machine parts   BGBW series Fixed Cement Packing Machine parts

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