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Fixed Cement Packing Equipment

Fixed cement packer with filling impeller, which is researched and developed by our company, is a new product in order to meet the market trend. It adopts traditional filling impeller with the characters of high speed of throwing, continuous, stable, high production efficiency and so on. It is deeply welcomed by cement factories.

Fixed Cement Packing Equipment features:

1. Accurate weighing, stably performance and easy operation;

2. Good sealing, reasonable structure and long service life;

3. Small in size and light in weight, and easy to be maintained;

4. It's mechatronics can save energy. The Machine equip with air compressor and pneumatic cylinders and other components. Through the Integration of machine, electricity and gas and lever linkage principle we can achieve automatic function of bag-pressing, bag-releasing, valbe open and close and drop off the bags, etc.

5. Wide use. It is used not only in cement packing, but also in the packing of powder and particle materials.

Fixed Cement Packing Equipment Fixed Cement Packing Equipment

Fixed Cement Packing Equipment Fixed Cement Packing Equipment

Main structure of fixed cement packing machine:

The packer is composed of the feeder, the feeding impeller, the filling station, the weighing system, the control mechanism, the base and the electric control cupboard;

1. Engineers are testing a newly assembled BGBZ;

2. Impeller feeder matched with BGBZ;

We can supply different types with different No. of spouts. There are 1 spout, double spouts, 3 spouts, and 4 spouts in this series. Loading capability ranges from 15T/H to 60T/H.All for you to choose.

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