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Rotary type cement packing machine

The rotary cement packing machine was made according to the manufacturing technique that was introduced from haver and boecker company, Germany. It is mainly used to quantitative packing of cement and also used in chemical industry, light industry or others for packing the floury, small particle materials. User can arrange the weight of packing between 25-50kg.

Rotary type cement packing machine compare with similar products:

1. Advanced disposition, have a high degree of automation, the main engine equipped with the national famous brand electrical appliances, Shandong famous brand motor;

2. Big volume, weight is nearly 2 times compare with the similar products;

3. Big silo, big volume; high pressure, stability material level; accurate measurement;

4. Fast give out ash, big capacity;

5. Low failure rate, less maintenance cost.

 Rotary type cement packing machine  Rotary type cement packing machine

The rotary type cement packing machines adopt computer scale measurement, have high measuring precision and stable performance. The packing machine are designed of 6-nozzles, 8-nozzles, 10-nozzles, 12-nozzlas, 14-nozzles, can offer design and alternate work of the special type packing machine according to the requirement of the clients.

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