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Ring hammer crusher

PCH ring hammer crusher is one of the main crushing equipment used in middle and fine crushing in industries like metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and hydropower, etc. The machine features in large reduction ratio, high capacity and uniform size.

Working principle

Series PCH ring hammer crusher mainly makes use of the impact effect to crush materials. The crushing process is roughly like this: when the materials enter the crusher, they are crashed by the high speeding ring hammer. The crushed materials gain energy from the ring hammer, rush to the crushing board at high speed, and crashed at second time. At the same time the materials bump with each other, and are repeatedly cracked. The material smaller than the grate bar gap are discharged, while larger ones on the grate bar are impacted, grinded, squeezed again to be crashed by the hammer, and at last the materials are extruded by the hammer from the gap to obtain products with the required size.

Ring hammer crusher has reversible and irreversible two types. Reversible hammer crusher is with reversible rotor, generally used for fine crushing; irreversible hammer crusher is with irreversible rotor, generally used for medium crushing.

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