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Roller crusher

Operation Principle of Roller Crusher:

The roller crusher adopts two motors, which take two rollers to rotate reversely by the decelerator. When the materials drop on the rollers through the feeding mouth, under the friction of the rollers, they are dragged between the rollers, grinded by the rollers, and the crushed materials are pushed revolvably by the rollers.

Performance Features of Roller Crusher:

  • 1. The structure is simple and compact, the noise is low, and the efficiency is high.
  • 2. The installation is flexible, basically needs no foundation.
  • 3. The rollers' surface adopts anti-friction welding rod or exchangeable dental plate, and the maintenance is simple.
  • 4. Self-preservation ability is strong, and high hardness materials (such as all sorts of metal block) won't break the equipment's parts when they enter the crushing cavity.
  • 5. The discharging granularity is adjustable; the minimum can reach 2-10 mm.

    Applicability of Roller Crusher:

    1. Widely applied to fine crushing of building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, coal etc.

    2. Especially applied to the fineness of the clinker and adjusting the grinding mill grading, in addition, it can increase the productivity by 30-50%.

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