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Coke crushing plant

Coke information

Coke is mainly used for blast furnace and for copper, lead, zinc, titanium, antimony, mercury and other nonferrous metals in blast furnace smelting, from reducing agent, heating agent and the materials column skeleton. Blast furnace using coke instead of charcoal, a large modern blast furnace laid the foundation, is a major milestone in the history of metallurgy.


Coke crushing plant & equipment

Jaw crusher can be used as the major crushing equipment. In this occasion, if you require more compact coke, you can pick secondary crushing or tertiary crushing. Cone crusher and impact crusher are star secondary crusher equipment which may be utilized as tertiary crushers.

For coke crushing, we advise that you layout exact crushing and screening plant that is near for your situation. In this regard, you can discuss it with us over the internet. And we will reply to you soon. Certainly, there are also some other technological means, for example, you can fill in the form below, while the former one is faster.

Coke crushing plant process

Firstly, we choose the usable materials and transmit them with the vibrating feeder. Then vibrating feeder pours them into primary coke crusher. Then products of primary coke crusher get crushed by secondary coke crusher.

Coke crushing plant

Secondary coke crusher crushes stones into smaller size and usually they can be used at this size. But more often the products of secondary coke crusher get screened by vibrating screen, and those whose size can fit the requirement will leave this process and become the final product,  while the others will go back to secondary coke crusher or even primary crusher to get crushed.

Finally, coke all become the right products. Tertiary coke crusher is usually used in special crushing process. Tertiary coke crusher will process stones into much smaller size than secondary crusher.

We usually choose mobile coke crusher or portable coke crusher is this process. Because it is really convenient to use mobile coke crusher or portable coke crusher in this process.

Coke crushing plant application

Coke crushing plant is used to crush coke, it can also be used to crush limestone, marl, chalk, brick, slag, clinker, feldspar, and so on.


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